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Rice Rice baby... [Jan. 22nd, 2009|03:12 pm]
Whole Foods: the anti-Twinkie lifestyle


I know, dorkiest thing I ever said but was trying to think of a catchy subject line. I was given a rice/sushi rice maker (one of those really neat ones) as a gift and looking forward to making loads of brown rice sushi and rice based meals. However, looking online I can't seem to get that many straight answers on rice and weight loss.

I am not looking to completely live on a rice diet but I would like to have brown rice almost daily as part of my meals.. well homemade sushi really :) Just concerned what even comsuming rice within my calorie range and with all the protein and fats I need that it will somehow stunt my weight loss.

I mean so many diets are completely based around rice, in Japan they even have rice with miso in the mornings (which I am very much looking forward to making more with steamed puffy rice) and are bone skinny. I know that rice based diets can help you lose weight/wont effect your weight loss, but are the rules in that?

Lean meats and veggies, moderation, take your time in eating.. any other tips?

[User Picture]From: fearscape
2009-01-22 10:51 pm (UTC)
Your body doesn't know a rice calorie from a bread calorie. Stay within your calorie targets, and within reasonable guidelines, and you should do fine. Make sure your foods don't get too much of their calories from fats (especially saturated), and all that well-known jazz too. Asians aren't thin because they eat rice. They are thin because they don't eat too many calories.
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[User Picture]From: likethewatch
2009-01-28 01:50 am (UTC)
Brown rice is a great basis for your meals. Be sure to include a little fat in every meal, as it helps with vitamin absorption.
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